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Band Members  
Rob Middleton (Mid) - Vocals & Guitar / Steve Harvey (Snapa) - Bass / Nick Barker - Drums  
Band Information  
Bait is a beast that really isn't in any hurry. It first crawled in it's embryonic form from the twisted wreckage that was the corpse of recently deceased UK crustpunks DEVIATED INSTINCT in the early 90's. Bait had initially been created as a side project by ex Deviated Instinct members Mid (guitar and vocals) and Snapa (bass) who along with various other schemers sporadically got together to make some downtuned, sample laden cold and nihilistic noise. Sometimes for years at a time the beast lay dormant as other bands and commitments took precedent. Over time though the bands disintegrated and the two original co-conspirators found themselves once again marching beneath the tattered Bait banner. As the end of the millennium approached they found themselves turning full circle and working from a similar punk/hardcore/metal blueprint that had fired Deviated Instinct's rusted engines - albeit with a modern edge. Working as primarily a studio-based project with programmed drums they recorded tracks for both Subhumans and Die Kreuzen tribute albums, as well as a first full demo in 1998

As the world struggled it's weary way into the 2000's so Bait were becoming increasingly frustrated with the regimented constraints of cold technology and eager to expand into a full band and reopen the clotted vein in the live environment. Finding a drummer proved a frustratingly long process, but thankfully patience was rewarded as Nick, skin beater from (since deceased) local Norwich metalcore reprobates Subvert, was enlisted into the ranks. The name might be the same but the Bait of today is a completely different beast from that which choked into being so many years past.

Now complete and fully charged Bait self-released their first four song e.p "Every lie I've ever lived" in 2003

We happened upon a copy of the e.p and was impressed enough to offer the trio an album. The results of their joint labours being the 'Anatomy of Disaster' released in August 2004. And as the beast crawls ever onward into new blighted pastures, Bait's journey beneath your skin has still hardly begun.

Bait have continued to release tracks on compilations and of late recorded a few more tracks check their myspace to listen to them.

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