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Band Members  
Ed McRae - Vocals / Stan Critchley - Guitar / Ben Healey-cupidi - Guitar / Eugene Economou - Drums / Rob Urbino - Bass  
Band Information  
Either something menacing is creeping through the water in Brighton, England, or the city best known as a colourful seaside haven has finally decided to bare its dark underbelly and gloriously sharp teeth.

Recently the city's rapidly rising and increasingly respected metal scene has spawned the likes of Johnny Truant and Architects, but now the hour has come for Brighton's newest sons to stand tall. Planet Earth: meet Centurion.

Though only a year young, Centurion have made quite a mark on their home turf and beyond, swinging their hefty, death plated punch at the heads of grateful punters nationwide at shows alongside their aforementioned townsmen, as well as the likes of Horse The Band, Ephel Duath and Every Time I Die. Centurion also recently toured the UK as main support to acclaimed British crew Bring Me The Horizon, and were flown over to Sweden to play at the 2006 Treasurefest alongside the likes of Purified In Blood and Jeniferever. Centurion offer up a thick stew of hyper-aggressive riffing and mammoth grooves, splicing the mix with flashes of accomplished technicality and vehement vocal bile, yet the quintet manage to retain an irresistible mood of energy and, dare it be said, fun in their live performance.

Just before Centurion broke up they recorded some amazing tracks that would have propelled them into the top heights of the UK Metal Hardcore scene, below is one of these tracks, there are two more on their myspace (see left for link)

Centurion's vocalist Ed McRae (after the band sadly disbanded) later in July 2009 joined 'Your Demise.'

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Centurion - One Hundred
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