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Band Members  
Brent - Vocals / Garrett - Bass & Vocals / Donnie - Drums / Cassie - Guitar / Zach - Guitar  
Band Information  
Panic rock is the only way to describe this mess (from Atlanta, Georgia in the US)..something with urgency.something with a feeling of overwhelming rush. Stop, start, stop, start, stop, start...go go go..if you could describe the songs.that is how it would be.

Taking special care and time, to make sure that while attending a live show.the most noticeable feeling you will a slow feeling of fear and dread, combined with excitement.and sometimes the need to brake out in dance. The Letters Organize have made a name from themselves in the United States. The "we don't want to play after those lunatics" curse follows them from town to town.

This musical atrocity began to take shape about two years ago, when Donnie Adkinson(drums) and Garrett Range(bass, vocals)...suffering from band members leaving previous bands found Brent Jay(guitar, vocals) and began to write music. Casey Maxwell(guitar) joined shortly there after, and they have been writing sing along tunes ever since. For a brief period there was an actual singer.but, to be just didn't work out, so Brent and Garrett decided that it probably wouldn't be so bad to not talk at age forty, and took one for the team.and started to do their best at blowing vocal chords.

One e.p was put out with said singer."the five song configuration" this will more than likely never see the light of day again. After countless practice recordings, and burnt cds.these poor loser finally got together to put out a seven inch, "the cure" with Brand Name Records, and a seven song ep "everybody goes yeah.bash!" with "Little Demon Entertainment," and "its raining today records."

Sometimes things like this need to happen, music like this has to take shape. Everyone needs to experience something that makes them feel uneasy, something that isn't safe. Drawing from influences as opposite as Led Zeppelin and Refused, This band hopes to do just what rock music is suppose to be, something abrasive, something dangerous, that you can't listen to with your matter how old or young you are.

The "Everybody Goes Bash" MCD was reissued in the UK by IATDE under the name of "(the cure)" MCD and is now available. The cover was redone by Bonehive (Napalm Death) and looks amazing!!

The Letters Organize went on to release their debut album through Nitro Records 'Dead Rhythm Machine', and it's amazing, they toured all round the word with this record including a tour of the UK with The Offspring which Send More Paramedics also played on.

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