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Duggan - Vocals / Ryan - Guitar / Jason - Drums / Joel - Bass / Jake - Guitar  
Band Information  
Love That Kills - Hailing from the black heart of the Southeast, England (based in Kent, although u can find various members scattered round from Canterbury, Margate, Southend and London). Featuring ex members of Kents giants XCANAANX THE BREAK IN, RAIDEN & UP IN ARMS(uk).

Love That Kills got together in January 2002, with the intent of forming a new band in the vein of acts such as It Dies Today, Remembering Never, Zao, Poison The Well etc...they believe in and enjoy what they do, over the last year Love That Kills have progressed into an unique sound, and played shows with bands such as Darkest Hour, Himsa, Modern Life Is War, Send More Paramedics, The Nothing, November Coming Fire and many others. Before releasing a demo to the world. It was of the back of the demo that we agrfeed to release '... To Cruel Nails Surrendered' and it hit the world at the end of February 2006.

"No Cruel Nails Surrendered" is six tracks of angst driven metalcore with an injection of melody and searing vocals. Recorded at City Of Dis (November Coming Fire / The Chariots) and mastered at by The Moot Group (Bring Me The Horizon / Send More Paramedics), this will help you all go 'Head First Straight from Hell'

After a couple of members leaving Love That Kills decided to change direction and therefore name, they are now called Santa Karla and you can find them at

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