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Band Members  
Adz - Vocals & Guitar / Stuart - Bass / Dave - Guitar / Simon - Drums  
Band Information  
As is the story with most bands The Osterman Weekend formed some time before they actually started doing anything constructive. Stu and Adz were talking about getting a band together for a while, drafting Dave in on guitar and finally managing to persuade Simon to lend his drumming talents to the band.

The band started practicing regularly about February of 2001 with the intention of getting enough decent songs together to play a few shows. Having all been in bands before the songwriting process wasn't really that strenuous and they were ready to play Simon's 20th birthday that April. Although The Osterman Weekend's influences are pretty varied their sound would probably best be described as melodic post-hardcore/punk with a few grooves and hooks in the mix.

The Osterman Weekend played with the likes of Planes Mistaken For Stars, Movielife, Thursday, Brandtson and Garrison to name a but a few and also went out on a joint headlined tour of the UK with Steel Rules Die. Their EP is their debut and sadly only release, four tracks of essential post hardcore for any fans of Texas Is The Reason, Farside, Sensefield and was recorded in the middle of November 2001 at Pristene Studios, Corby,UK (The same studio Beecher recorded 'Resention').

A further CD was planned for 2003, but the band decided to call it a day, luckily enough some of the tracks for that (Emergency Exit, Water Margin, D-Fens, Modine) were demo'd. Above you can watch the band play 'Emergency Exit' recorded at Rock City, Notts 2002. Also on The Osterman Weekend's Myspace (link to right) you can listen to all four tracks demo'd and 'Milestone' that appears on their EP.

Members went on to play in Army Of Flying Robots, Matadors and Rainy Day Fuck Parade.

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