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Zombie Apocalypse plays coarse, violent hardcore designed to animate the lifeless and call the undead to fight the final war. From break-neck thrash to ground-shaking breakdowns, this band has taken on the responsibility of heralding the end of mediocrity, pain, and fear. The destruction left in their wake is the foundation of a new beginning.

A combination of rich imagery and frenetic songwriting provides a glimpse of true horror and of the end we all know must be coming. In an attempt to close ranks, Zombie Apocalypse dares listeners to reach out with their cold, rotting hands, and to hold the spark of life.

Zombie Apocalypse consisting of current members of Shai Hulud and ex members of Try.Fail.Try.

Previous releases were "This Is A Spark Of Life" a CDEP on Indecision Records and they have appeared on 'Bring You To Your Knees: A Tribute to Guns n' Roses' contributing what is easily the best cover version on there 'Welcome To the Jungle' out on Law Of Inertia.

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Send More Paramedics / Zombie Apocalypse - Tales Told By Dead Men
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Send More Paramedics / Zombie Apocalypse- Tales Told By Dead Men
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MrGuntherthecat - Zombie Apocalypse are the second - best zombie - themed band ever. The best?.....