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   - The Osterman Weekend CDEP (iatde002)
The Osterman Weekend - The Osterman Weekend
1. Flavour Of The Month
2. Milestone
3. 456
4. Iron On
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Over 22 minutes of amazing post hardcore along the lines of Texas Is The Reason, early Sensefield, Rites of Spring.

'Iron On' is still one of our favourite tracks that we've released and at over 7 minutes long it's a real threat.

This was unfortunately the only release from this Derby Quartet especially as the new tracks they recorded just before calling it a day were catchy as hell (See The Osterman Weekend band page for these tracks).

The first proper release from IATDE records and I spent many an hour glueing these sleeves into place.

Release comes in a very attractive black card gatefold sleeve with silver print.

The Osterman Weekend Band Page

Fracture Magazine
Before I even knew OSTERMAN WEEKEND I knew they'd play powerful, driving melodic hardcore along the lines of TEXAS IS THE REASON. Track two, "Milestone" is the most TEXAS of the tunes, and the rest are impassioned, guitar-led right-on emo. There are hints of RITES OF SPRING, FARSIDE, SENSEFIELD and more. All Held together by a solid production, beautiful packaging and great lyrics. Live they rocked out something special. Superb.

Reason To Believe
This CD has really nice packaging: black card with silver artwork and a cool pullout bit too, nice! The CD consists of 4 tracks of melodic hardcore/emo rock. I love the nice long instrumental intros. The songs are dynamic, varying between heavy rock and intricate emo. It reminds me of Planes Mistaken For Stars mixed with early Jimmy Eat World or Mineral. The Osterman Weekend are obviously really talented musicians and I look forward to hearing more from them.

Suspect Device
4 tracks here, though what grabs you first is the very nice packaging, a black card CD holder with silver writing and illustrations, ooh. I purchased this myself but old Tony got sent it and asked me to review it and I was more than happy to. I was told by the purchasee that it sounded a bit Farside-ish and heck young Jimmy Out Of Step isn't wrong. Medium paced songs that tend to build and rock out. The guitar seems to really stand out for me, sounds ace, but it's all good, vocals are tops too. Good personal lyrics and a nice touch at the end of each set of lyrics is a little description as to what the songs are about. All 4 songs are long with long instrumental passages, but don't drag at all. I remember this was real cheap too so it's a bit of a must have. I look forward to hearing more from these fine fellows.

Amplify This
In At The Deep End Records - the label that brought us the immense mini-album from Manchester hardcore outfit Beecher (see demo review section) - have done it again. The Osterman Weekend, Derby's finest post-hardcore/emo/whatever-this-new-movement-is-meant-to-be-called-anyway band, are here with a debut recording that'll make your mouth open. It's not quite enough to make your jaw drop, but it's not too far away. Think Hundred Reasons. Think Jimmy Eat World. Think of some of the most beautiful sex you ever had and translate it to music. The Osterman Weekend are that great sex. Opening effort 'Flavour of the Month' is a one of those good ol' epic tracks, full of jangly guitar formations and aching vocals that point appreciatively at bands like The Movielife and maybe even Silverchair at times. These nu-mo themes are carried throughout the disc, through the more Hundred Reasons-tinged 'Milestone' to the masterful delicacy of 'Iron On', the latter triggering memories of Smashing Pumpkins at their most beautiful. Don't be fooled though - there are some negatives to the recording. Principally, the production in places is noticeably lacking. That said, not everybody has access to the finest equipment and producers when they cut their first industry sampler. Personally, I was crying out for better vocal projection on the part of Adz, but again, this is something that will improve as the band mature and confidence grows. Along with Cleethorpes' Left To Yesterday, The Osterman Weekend are well worth your pennies.


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