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   - Resention Is A Big A Word In A Small Town MCD (iatde003)
Beecher - Resention Is A Big A Word In A Small Town
1. You've Got 7 Weeks
2. Megadrive Vs Snes
3. Rise Above Grace
4. Resention
5. Artistic Roll Call
6. Circus De Lobos
7. KAR120C
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Barcode - 5024545179422

30 minutes long, debut from this highly rated Manchester band who went on to release two records on Earache Records to great critical success.

'Resention' has the makings of Converge meets Grade meets Botch and Dillenger Escape Plan mix of power and integrity.

These guys always blew me away live. Screamo/Noisecore, but with intelligence guaranteed to extract every ounce of aggression out of your body.

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Terrroizer 8/10
Difficult to digest is probably the easiest way to describe Beecher's debut 'Resention'. Think noisy hardcore with screamy vocals, meets the emo tinged syrup of Glassjaw, accompanied by Roni Size. Quite a mixed bag all in all, but strangely it does work. From the schizophrenic 'Resention' to the calling card two minute blast of 'Megadrive Vs Snes', there are occasions when the extra curricular influences distract from the main course, but on the whole, quite a bold step from these manic Manunians. Definitely a band to check out live, if only to see if they can pull it off.

Planet Loud 9/10
Beecher hail from Manchester and their seven track CD, Resention Is A Big Word In A Small Town, is already causing a bit of stir amongst the UK underground. Mixing dark, haunting melodies a la Earthtone 9 with the sort of caustic fury that you'd expect from a band like Iron Monkey or Medulla Nocte, Beecher kick up a fury that could only come from a British band. Resention.. has got it all, melody, emotion, aggression, fury, anger and a top notch production to boot. You couldn't ask for more. Frankly this is one of the best CD's to pass through Planet Loud HQ in a long time and comes thoroughly recommended to anyone who like noise-based, groove-drenched, emotion.

Big Cheese 4/5
This is quite a disturbing release, the songs start with strange instrumental intros that suggest an emo epic is to follow, then they go for the throat like a stalker in an alley. The riffs are huge & metallic, while the vocals resemble the strained screams of a dying man. Beecher sound like a twisted fusion of Stampin Ground, Boys Set Fire sprinkled with a little Thursday. It's a real rollercoaster of anger & calm, which is quite enthralling. Great song titles too like 'Megadrive Vs Snes', wonder if the follow up to that will be called 'PS2 Vs Xbox'.

Kerrang KKKK
"Seven track debut form promising northern Genre-Mashers" Beginning life as a collaboration between a bunch of noise obsessed Manc sand a couple of Ibiza bound DJs, Beecher a definitely a band to watch. Imagine if Lost Prophets stopped throwing shapes for the camera and started listening to a lot of scream-core instead and you'd have some idea as to what they are about. Like Pitchshifter, Beecher have a genuine appreciation of technology. "Resention is a big word..." (although not actually a word at all, if we're going to split heirs) is a record bubbling with ideas, where live breakbeats sit alongside heavy guitars, screamed hardcore vocals and ambient FX. "rise above grace" and "Resention" itself even have the kind of God-sized chorus so beloved of Linkin Park, yet with none of the cold corporate calculation. The next big UK thing? Highly Possible


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