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   - Define It Defeat It CD (iatde011)
Dandare - Define It Defeat It
1. Enough Is Enough
2. Feed Me Hate
3. Another Fucked Up Day
4. Surrounded By Stupidity
5. Apologies
6. Because I Say So
7. We Think
8. I Won't Eat Your Shit
9. Crap
10. I'd Rather Do Without You
11. Descendable Disease
12. I Don't Think So
13. Beginning Of The End
14. Before The Curtain Falls
15. Pack Of Sheep Demo
16. Pack Of Sheep Demo
17. Pack Of Sheep Demo
18. Pack Of Sheep Demo
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Barcode - 5021449801121

Licensed from Madskull Records in Holland this was the first foreign release for IATDE and what a crushing release it was too.

Imagine all the great early hardcore bands you love, early Suicidal Tendencies, Minor Threat, Dead Kennedys, DRI, MDC, Sick of it All all blended together in one collosal band then that band is Dandare.

DanDare play hardcore the way it was meant to be played: no metal, no embellishments - just straightforward, fast, furious, and in your face.

Dandare had been going for 10 years and this was their first proper release, they took their time but the wait was absolutely worth it.

'Define It, Defeat It' also includes the 4 trackdemo 'Pack Of Sheep' demo Flex Your
Dandare Band Page

Flex Your Head - Album Of The Week
It's hard to believe that Holland's DanDare have been around since 1989 and kids around the world have yet to figure out who they are. Yeah, it's pretty safe to say kids would be all over define it, defeat it... and DanDare would be much talked about if this record had been released on a label that's currently hip and cool with the kids (say... Bridge Nine or Youngblood). But it's not - so big kudos to both the band and MadSkull for believing in each other and putting out one hell of a smoking hardcore record. DanDare play hardcore the way it was meant to be played: no metal, no embellishments - just straightforward, fast, furious, and in your face. Kids - take a chance. Get past the label of the day and flavour of the moment, you might just find what you were looking for all along.

Punknews 10/10
Dan dare are a band who have been around since 1989, one thing that you notice from listening to this album is that it is pure hXc genius! Brutal fucking hXc! fast / rythmic / heavy all in one! I really liked every minute of this album, well produced and the timing is brilliant. Only major hag is that many of the staff at punknews weren't too keen on the cover art but apart from that a fine job! Its available through IATDE -, i would suggest that you rush out and buy it! If you like bands like minor threat etc then you could do no worse than to part with a few quid in exchange for this cd.

Mass Movement
Now this is something that I do like. Basic as you can get fast paced Hardcore punk that will get you pitting and creepy crawling like a mother fucker around your room / house / pub / club (delete as applicable). Compared to the likes of Minor Threat, DRI, SOIA, and MDC and when you check this one out you can see where the influences come from. This follows the basic hardcore record rules too - 15 tracks in at 28 minutes so you can get an idea how fast paced this record is. This is one beauty of a release and I recommend you pick this up like yesterday!!

Planet Loud 8/10
DanDare are a Dutch Hardcore band formed in 1989. Which answers a lot of questions. Like, where the band's roots lie and where their sound draws its influence. You see, DanDare are old skool hardcore. None of this chest-beating macho metal just pure, blood-curdling old-skool. More DRI, Gang Green and early Suicidal Tendancies than say Hatebreed and Stampin' Ground, DanDare sound raw, unpolished and, to be frank, fucking angry. The Dutch outfit skid and screech through thirty-six minutes of chaotic hardcore as though the last twelve years hadn't happened. If vicious old-skool hardcore floats your boat then I dare you to mix it up with this lot.


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