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   - Nostalgia For Beginners MCD (iatde012)
Steel Rules Die - Nostalgia For Beginners
1. Signs Of Cloudy Days
2. The World Never Ended
3. You Can Read All The Books You Want
4. On The Corner Of Fountain And Union
5. Still Waiting For The End
6. Sticks and Stones Will Break My Heart
7. If Everything Were Grey....
8. Breaking Windows, Breaking Each Other
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Barcode - 5024545226829

Steel Rules Die blew me away when I first heard them on what I think was their first gig, supporting 'HHH' and 'Sworn In' in Leicester, so good were they that I knew there and then I had to get involved.

Nostalgia For Beginners blisters along with so much energy you would think you are listening to an EP. Imagine if Avail, Lifetime, Small Brown Bike were mixed with the energy of Ricky and Dave's former band Anthem Of The Century whilst still keeping a British powerful guitar orientated melodic punk style and you have what is on this release.

The tracks show the true diversity and uniqueness this band has, catchy chorus, blistering energy & fantastic riffs, along with it's aggressive rhythm section, powerful - yet sometimes surprisingly passionate - delivery and objective stances on some life's most profound issues. All this make this CD a must.

'Nostalgia' is their debut release, recorded at Pristene Studio in Nottingham from 3rd-6th of October 2002. Includes very cool artwork from Delaney (from Sworn In).
Steel Rules Die Band Page

Rocksound 8/10
With a certain knack for spotting some of the UK's best underground bands, In At The Deep End have done it again with this Leicester/London/Northampton based quartet. Already having shared the stage with the likes of Grade, Strike Anywhere and As Friends Rust since forming just over a year ago, Steel Rules Die are notching quite a name for themselves on the UK hardcore circuit and it's easy to see why. Considering its debut status, 'Nostalgia For Beginners' is a sophisticated effort capturing the angst, urgency and hard-to-crack quality that typifies the genre. There's the driving riffery and gang-style chorus of 'On The Corner Of Fountain And Union' and the chuggarama of 'Still Waiting For The End', Nostalgia? No, but a great beginning.

Flex Your Head - Album Of The Week
With the demise of Anthem of the Century (Join The Team Player Records), folks were saddened by the loss of a true UK hardcore contender. They needn't have worried. The first to visibly spring from Anthem of the Century's ashes was Sworn In (Bridge Nine Records), dousing any doubts that there would be anyone capable of taking over the UK hardcore crown. Now, next in line is another UK band featuring ex-Anthem of the Century members, Steel Rules Die. Steel Rules Die take a much more melodic approach to their hardcore than their brethren, Sworn In. Avail and early Hot Water Music spring instantly to mind as potential influences. Melodic and tuneful, with a solid dose of chunk, Nostalgia For Beginners neatly slips back and forth from slowed down and rocking hard, to picking up the pace for an energetic no-holds-barred blast. Certainly it's a recipe that's been successfully employed by many before, but these Brits know their slow from their go and have the balance nailed. Overall, Nostalgia For Beginners is a damn good release from a promising band.

Fracture 9/10
STEEL RULES DIE are MY definition of hardcore music, simple as that. Music that hits you hard on every level, but instead of just bludgeoning you with a sonic holocaust, they have put together a sound and style that blows you away on every level. Thoughtfully crafted songs with every ingredient you need to make this style head and shoulders above the rest, dramatic intros, a variation of tempos, a spot on production, it's all here. Tight as hell, intricate yet organic, with exceptional vocals that compliment the music and vice versa. The songs go exactly where you want them to, from tension fused breakdowns into anathematic choruses, but always holding a great melody, very similar to the style of AVAIL and maybe even SPEAK 714. There's not a weak track out of the eight on show here, it's a solid release without flaw and I'm prepared to state that these guys are one of the best hardcore bands, not only in the UK, but in the world. It takes alot of ingenuity to make this genre sound fresh and exciting still, as well as talent.

Terrorizer 7/10
There's no doubt SRD are the UK's answer to Avail. Same vocal style, same crunchy guitar sound, same melodic hardcore that we can't get enough of. Featuring Ricky & David formerly from Anthem Of The Century, SRD have made a name for themselves supporting the likes of Agnostic Front, As Friends Rust and Grade. This eight track mini album proves that the Brits can do hardcore just as good as the Yanks and any fan of Avail won't be disappointed.


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