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   - Double Down MCD (iatde013)
Buzzkill - Double Down
1. Mr Furious
2. Casino
3. Big City Taxi
4. I'll Take The Alcohol
5. Nothin' On Me
6. Lost In The Sauce
7. Two Times
8. Kill It
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Barcode - 5024545232424

Three things should be delivered fast in this life. One is beer on the bar, and it should be cold. Two is cards on the felt, and they should be blessed. Three is rock 'n' roll on the stage and it should be loud. And it sounds like BUZZKILL are subscribers to this recipe for life's contentment as they crank out a scorching bundle of songs on "Double Down".

Buzzkill deliver their riffs and hooks from the same speakers as bands like the 'Supersuckers' and 'Rocket From The Crypt' but with the fuck you attitude of the 'New Bomb Turks' and a little 'Murder City Devils' to boot.

This is dirty, scuzzy, rock 'n' roll of the highest order, mixed with bits of hardcore and jazz and with enough melody to make the tracks catchy as the plague and hard-hitting as a piano from 40ft up.

It's mean, it's dirty, it's noisy, and it's very good. In a word, brilliant.

This is Buzzkill's debut CD release, a combination of their 2002 CDEP held back for this release and 4 tracks recorded at the start of February 2003 on one beautifully packaged CD. The artwork was supplied by Ben who plays trumpet for Buzzkill.
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Kerrang KKKK
Top notch Raunch 'n' Roll debut from Leeds. As album opener 'Mr Furious' stomps, spits and pirouettes dangerously from the speakers you could almost swear that buzzkill were actually Rocket From The Crypt disguised as a five-piece from Leeds. All the ingredients are there from the raw punk rock 'n' roll guitars, through the bolshy, vibrant horn section right down to the ragged vocals of frontman Matt Colmer. However, while there are worse cult icons they could have picked, Buzzkill are not content to merely ape, stamping their own unique imprint across the remainder of their debut instead. The San Diegans's shadow can still be felt, but it's imbued with a darker, off-kilter slant that sounds at times like an avant-garde jazz troupe rucking with the Clash as they both fall down a flight of stairs. Now that's entertainment!

Rocksound 8/10
Now this is more like it! Some down and dirty rock 'n' roll from Leeds (yes, some bands do remember how to rock outside of Scandinavia) Similar to Rocket From The Crypt due to the gritty vocals and inclusion of a horn section (not to mention tunes that are spoiling for a real cool time). Some of this even makes me think about what the Kinks might have sounded like had they played their sets whilst mud wrestling a gang of wild lions in a squat! They may be unwilling to trade their grog for girls, but somehow still maintain the sexy swagger of an absinthe-dosed trailer-park failed model. Forget your old favorite band and vote Buzzkill!

Metal Hammer 8/10
With salacious rock 'n' roll increasing marginalized and sanitised in this homogenous meat market of a musical zeitgeist, what a rare pleasure it is to encounter a band who deal exclusively in the original and genuine article. In essence, Buzzkill are exactly what you would expect The Supersuckers to sound if they were young, hungry and from Leeds. There are other souls who operate similar levels of over-cranked intensity, but Buzzkill seem so uncontaminated by today's cynical pretensions, and so possessed of a blazing, feral honesty, that they're irresistible. With West Yorkshire's very own hot-wired Richard Hell fronting a veritable firestorm of riff-propelled sass, Buzzkill will rekindle your faith in delinquent rock 'n 'roll

Drowned In Sound 4.5/5
Boy am I in the mood for this album! Like a firecracker under your mate's bar-stool, this eight-tracker explodes with a reckless, beer-fuelled rock'n'roll party attitude that is as relentless in its attack as it is righteously chaotic. Positively overdosing with the same punk rock intensity as fellow Leeds act The Sex Maniacs, songs such as the raucous 'Nothing on Me' fire out of the speakers with all the power of a double-barrel shotgun, while others dress up the cool sleaze of JSBX with the raw energy of Detroit gun slingers Zeke ('I'll Take The Alcohol'), Murder City Devils ('Big City Taxi') and even Division of Laura Lee ('Lost In The Sauce'). The song titles alone give you a good idea of the kind of rock 'n' roll head stomp Buzzkill create: the kind of music perfect for putting on when the pubs have shut too early and all you wanna do is drink and party all night, on your own if necessary. This is loud. This is fiery. This will kick your ass.


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