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   - If You Take Anything MCD (iatde015)
Hitechjet - If You Take Anything
1. The Score
2. 3am On The Internet
3. All This Time
4. Remain & Remind
5. Check Each Side
6. Fed By Infrared
7. Slowdowns
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Barcode - 5024545244120

'If You Take Anything' is a 7 track CD that mixes all Hitechjets influences such as Husker Du, Senseless Things, The Posies, Smashing Pumpkins, Therapy?, Grade, Talking Heads, Farside, Kill Holiday, The Cure, Avail into one incredible musical roller coaster. Beautifully layered guitars with a combination of clean and distorted effects, strong yet emotional vocals and a tight bass and drum backline.

Hitechjet employ not dual, but treble vocals to make their melodies sound fantastic. This gives the band the opportunity to try different things and get away with it. There is a punk attitude that pervades what they are doing but at the same time this is a very melodic outfit that manages to stay clear of the bubblegum pop punk that seems to be popular at the moment.

This is music that makes the noggin bounce and the legs twitch, and surely anything that creates a reaction like that should be checked out.

'If You Take Anything' was recorded by John Hannon (100 Reasons, Jerry Built, Copperpot Journals) and was mixed by The Moot Group ((Paul Yeadon & Johnny Carter) Steel Rules Die, Killerest Expression, Paul's own Wireless Stores) release.
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Kerrang KKKK
As Hannibal from the 'A-Team' used to say with reassuring regularity, 'I love it when a plan comes together'. Not every band doing the filthy British pub circuit could pull off the as-good-as-it sounds combination of Wildhearts / Manics-style sleazy rock'n'roll and this new-fangled emo stuff that everyone's harping on about. This Uxbridge based five piece, however, have managed it with ease on what is something of a belting mini-album. From the high-octane introduction of 'The Score' to the slightly more restrained 'All This Time', 'If You Take Anything' attacks every emotion with no sign of remorse before chucking them away and moving on to the next one. More importantly, it's a cracking introduction to a new British band. Do yourselves a favour.

Big Cheese 4/5
Another quality release from the ever reliable In At The Deep End Records. This seven track album demonstrates Hitechjet's ability to produce post hardcore with a pop punk edge that results in big slng along choruses to compliment the occasional screams. This mini album shows enoughpromise to suggest that Hitechjet will be one of the better British punk style bands for the forseeable future and it will be interesting to see if they can cement their good work with a strong full length.

Drowned In Sound 4/5
Attention: all those punk bands out there who haven't quite found that elusive catchy tune, please refer to this 7-track EP from Hitechjet, because this is absolutely incredible. Powerful, driving and bubbling with stirring kick-ass melodies it just fills me with so much excitement listening to it, and maybe an ounce of pride, that homegrown punk rock can be so darn good! It's actually verging on the frustrating that this isn't being spat out live in front of me, but then again it shouldn't be long til it is. The crackling punchiness of 'The Score' demonstrates their astounding talent through piercing, uplifting harmonies and a brash rhythm section that's both raw and powerfully hard-hitting. But it's their instantly memorable choruses that're the biggest selling point here, building into a crescendo of Killerest Expression tunefulness that'll be terrorising your senses for weeks after. Quite startling really, when you consider the many US bands milking the kids of their pocket money without even a sniff of a catchy tune and yet a UK act like Hitechjet with more intelligent melodicism than you can shake a skateboard at could potentially be their favourite new band. Taking their cues from the UK punk scene Hitechjet have been around for barely a year, yet have honed their talents into a formidable punk rock outfit. This is the best release I've heard in a very long time. Well, since The Killerest Expression.

Dead Scene 5/5
I've heard a lot about Hi Tech Jet, they are one of the bands people are beginning to buzz about in various mags and zines, and if this release is anything to go by, they have one hell of a bright future ahead of them. They've been compared to the Senseless Things / Wildhearts / Therapy? but I think that's going a bit far at present. Those bands have a lot of history, and some great releases to boot. Don't get me wrong though, Hi Tech Jet could get there. This CD is good, it's so good infact that I can't see it coming out of the CD drawer anytime soon. The production, like on most IATDE releases, is top class. Nicely layered guitars with a combination of clean and distorted effects, strong yet emotional vocals and a tight bass and drum backline. If there was ever going to be a band that could be the UK's Alkaline Trio, it's these guys.


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