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   - (The Cure) MCD (iatde019)
The Letters Organize - (The Cure)
1. Intro
2. The Cure
3. 10/21
4. Song Of Hope
5. We All Fail
6. Reason To Start A Fire
7. Take The Cut
8. Crooked Spine
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Barcode - 5024545279429

Originally self released in the US, we thought it was SO good that it deserved your total attention. Imagine Refused meets JR Ewing and early Blood Brothers and the quirkiness of At The Drive In, with the energy of a fully ladden truck, then you'll be close to feeling the Letters Organize vibe.

If you'd ever wondered what aural equivalent of attention deficit disorder might be, then look no further. Wild, jumpy, fractured and yet powerful and direct, The Letters Organize will blow your head off.

TJO take hardcore about as far as it can go before it becomes unlistenable, they marry together perfectly the intense and the melodic, the crazy with the anthemic and comes out with something that somehow gets close to perfect, then spits in it's face.

It's just full of great catchy tracks that will get you to sit up, stand up, run round your room like a maniac. The artwork was especially done by Bonehive (Napalm Death, Stampin` Ground) for the UK release , and it's amazing!!
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Rocksound 8/10
Bored by the indie / post rock / post emo holocaust? Well, The Letters Organize might just have the cure. Cutting the veins of Circle Takes The Square, Fugazi and Refused, this Atlanta, Georgia quartet mix the claret, resulting in this pulse-raising effort. Oh yes, The Letters Organize are on a knife-edge and they want you to feel their desperation! Theirs is a short, sharpe shock that will have you leaping out of complacency, as if you've been watching a scary movie. 'Song Of Hope' features frantic vocals nailed to a backdrop of urgent, sweat-palmed drumming and prickly guitar - dragged out at reckless pace. There's the heart-stopping, pacemaker meltdown of 'When Will I (Find My Way)' with axe-work that'll lash and sting you into submission, and the flaming 'Reason To Start A Fire'. Twisted, uneasy listening at it's best. Take this medicine, you need it!

Kerrang KKKK
Shit-kicking next level hardcore.
The Lowdown: It's already too late. Georgian (the state, not the country) quartet The Letters Organize are taking their turf back, suffocating every inch of this cacophonous reissue with a pressure built up from boiling down frenetic call-and-response charges and mixing them with spazzcore interludes that owe as much to converge as they do Refused. The end result is bleak, stark, frightening and required listening.

Big Cheese 4/5
The bastard offspring of The Blood Brothers and Fugazi. There are only two things I can say for sure about The Letters Organize - firstly, they're from somewhere in the USA and secondly, they're fucking insane. It;s a good thing this is only a mini-album because a whole album's worth of their intense, angular and skewed hardcore would quite probably be too much to bear. As it is, 'The Cure' is a short, sharp burst of abrasive yelped vocals, off-kilter riffing and crazed time changes. The likes of 'Song Of Hope' and 'The Reason' come on like a gloriously screwed-up melange of Refused, Fugazi and Blood Brothers, teetering on the brink of ruin but instead sounding like the product of a twisted, inspired genius.

Drowned In Sound 4/5
When legendary and, frankly, essential Swedish hardcore caterwaulers Refused split up back in 1998 no one could have predicted the swathes of 2nd rate copyists plagiarising their life-affirming soul-power formula with soulless ham-strung efforts attempting to tap into the raw energy that was fundamental to their music. It's a passion that lies deeper than full-throttle guitar chords and decimating drumming; a passion and fury that cannot be simply tapped into but which lies at the very epicentre of such a band's very core. The Bronx, Minus, Snot; they all have it. Now you can add The Letters Organize to that list. Originally released as the 'Everybody Goes Bash' MCD on Brand Name Records on the States '(The Cure)' is a thrillingly expedient disc rattling with all the raw passion and uncontrollable energy of Refused, bolstered by a ferocious Bronx-like intensity that skins alive any half-assed competition and dances manically on their shallow, gut-less carcasses. But it's not all blazing, white-knuckle rides of punk rock noise. Propelled by quirky intermittent guitar jerks '10/21' pile-drives through a rippling groove, pulsing with an almost tribal rhythmic tenure. Throughout the disc bursts of fury are tied together with strings of melody swinging in and out of ear-blasting hardcore punk, breaking things up nicely enough to guarantee a prolonged residency in your stereo. That The Letters Organize hail from the exact same town Refused originally disbanded (that being Atlanta, Georgia) seems somewhat consequential to their barnstorming approach yet secondary to the righteously expressive din ricocheting throughout. It kicks, it swings, it grooves and it makes me wanna smash all my favourite CDs so I can never listen to them again (yes, I have a weird sense of logic).


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