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   - The Anatomy Of Disaster CD (iatde020)
Bait - The Anatomy Of Disaster
1. Automated Bullshit Generator
2. 364 And Counting (Rise Of The Maggots)
3. Descender
4. ...And I'll Be It's Dog
5. Monochromatic
6. Forked Tongue Evolution
7. Hangman
8. Cathode
9. To Skin A Cameleon (plus hidden track)
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Barcode - 5024545302226

Just think of the very best of PRONG, RORSCHACH, current darlings of the music press CONVERGE, along with the heavenly assault of TRAGEDY, FROM ASHES RISE, THE DAGDA and a slew of underground crust, grind, industrial bands that have shaped the BAIT sound that has been decomposing all these years.

2/3's of BAIT were in the 1980's UK crust band DEVIATED INSTINCT, but BAIT can't be easily categorized with their former band. This disc would probably appeal to people who like CONVERGE as much, or probably moreso, than those who are into bands like DOOM. Building on a mid-speed metallic hardcore base, there's also hints of a noisier RORSCHACH-influenced sound as well as some JESUS LIZARD style noise rock.

Bait delivers the unpretentious rawk on Anatomy Of Disaster. There is a great metallic sound to this; it's almost got a crusty punk edge, especially in the screamed/screeched vocals and feedback-loving guitar player. The band has a great groove. Anatomy Of Disaster is noisy, but totally accessible.

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Metal Hammer 8/10
More quality ear fodder from IATDE In a world where Rebecca Loos (a woman famous for having sex with a footballer once) laughing as she wanks of a pig for 10 minutes passes for prime tiem television enertainment, it is not surprising that you feel more and more like screaming. Bait must be feeling the pressure and the banality of modern society more than most given the throat haemorrhaging savagery og 'Anatomy Of Disaster'. They (on ace indie label In At The Deep End, home of Send More Paramedics) have cooked up a diabolically good stew. And where Bait don't have the genre molesting refreshment of our favourite proponents of zombie core, they make up for it in uncomprising grind. '364 And Counting (The Locust Tide)' and 'Forked Tongue Evolution' give Modern Life Is War a run for their money in the fingers worn down to bloody stumps, shouting yourself into an early grave stakes. Check them out before they implode under the weight of their own hatred.

Zero Tolerence 4/5
Back in the Heyday of modern Hardcore ("82-84") the idea of having a metallic sound present in your music was sneered upon. Today, however, with the advent of such bands as Dillinger Escape Plan and Converge pushing punk and hardcore to new levels in terms of musicianship and style, you are hard pressed to find a band without hints of Slayer-style shredding in their riffs. I for one am thankful that punk has progressed like this and nowadays incorporates a variety of styles. There may be people out there who would not agree that this is a punk record but music alone does not categorise punk. The work ethic of the band and label, as well as the message in the music, promotes punk ideals to a T. The level of musicianship shown on Anatomy Of Disaster is outstanding and leaves you floored by the wall of noise that does not let up for a second throughout the album. From the moshy opener 'Automated Bullshit Generator' through to the doom-laden march of 'Cathode' you find yourself nodding along with gritted teeth and clenched fists. A powerful, venom-filled release indeed.

Rocksound 8/10
They've only gone and done it - and about time too! norwich's Bait, whose ranks were once swelled by Extreme Noise Terror / Napalm Death growler Phil Vane, have released their first "proper" album! That 'Anatomy Of Disaster' nods towards masters of all things acrid, cyber-metal crossover Optimum Wound Profile, is perhaps down to Steve (Snapa) Harvey who once handled bass-duties for that mob, and powered ex Subvert man Nick Barker's jack hammer drumming. This debut powers along with the force of a Panzer Tank Division. With a chainsaw-like axe and caustic vocals that tear your face off, opener 'Automated Bullshit Generator' is a jagged, full fronted attack on the senses, full of riffery dirtier than a politician's conscience, while 'Cathode' detonates with old-school punked-up attitude - a dead cert to get the claret flowing. Anatomically correct in every way!


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