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   - Driven By Loss CD (iatde025)
Buzzkill - Driven By Loss
1. Once A Liar
2. Broken Picture
3. Nothing Left
4. In My Head
5. City Of Mice
6. Burning Your Yesterdays
7. The Devil's Eyes
8. Same City, Different City
9. Only If I'm Dead
10. Holding On To The Floor
11. Heartbreak Inferno
12. The Joke
13. Driven By Loss
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Barcode - 5024545363623

Following up their extremely well recieved 2004 debut Double Down, Buzzkill are back with their debut full length 13 tracks of catchy as hell Rock N Roll with bags of attitude .

Buzzkill continue to stand tall in the UK playing their unique style of punk / hardcore / rock'n'roll but with Driven By Loss a definite progression can be heard which moves them away from the lazy Rocket From The Crypt / New Bomb Turks comparisons and throws them into a sweaty, alcoholed fuelled pit all of their own making.

These songs sound massive and extremely well produced to a point that I would be scared to play this to near a graveyard as it could wake the dead and have them jumping around hailing Buzzkill as their new favourite band!!!
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Kerrang KKKK
Leeds Punk 'N' Rollers Flip The Devils Horns. Rock bands with a horn section often equate to frothy, parpy lightweight fun, but thankfully no-one convinced John Zorn, Capdown or indeed Buzzkill that it was compulsory. Less Reel Big Fish and more Rocket From the Crypt dragged up on a dodgy Leeds tenement and purged of the hammy tendencies, the Yorkshire quintet serve up a resolutely dark and dense yet pile-driving slab of gritty, punk-fuelled rock 'n' roll. The trumpet and saxophone add a sleek and sinuous line to yob-anthem hooks and riffs as raw as a freshly-picked scab while the songs themselves are both explosive and infectious enough to make this a gusset-wettingly splendid full-length debut.

Rocksound 8/10
Innovation in music is always commendable, but most rock fans will occasionally crave something that satisfies on a much less cerebral level. Put simply, there are times when you don't want high art; instead you want no-nonsense rock'n'roll that grabs from the outset and stubbornly refuses to let go. Enter West Yorkshire's Buzzkill. More suited to soundtracking a night on the tiles than an intense chin-stroking session. 'Driven By Loss' evokes the spirit of first-wave garage rock, only to punch it in the face and thrust a stick of dynamite up it's rear end. This is greasy-quiffed, horn-propelled, turbo-charged rock'n'roll with a defiant punk streak and a broad shit-eating grin plastered across its face. Granted, it's about as fashionable as Michael Jackson, but for 32 all-too-brief minutes Buzzkill make everyday life that little but sweeter.

Organ (Album of the Week)
I like Buzzkill, satisfying artwork for a start, good from the off (again), details like artwork matter. Buzzkill do it a little differently, they've got class - horned up punk rock class, hang on though, come back, I said COME BACK! Buzzkill are NOT another damn ska punk band with a brass section, not an inch of ska punk conformity here. This is full on speeding rushing urgent road pizza punk rock with a sax/trumpet brass drive. An inner city unit from deepest Leeds right out there loosing friends and making enemies they sound like their name, this is indeed buzzkill punk rock. They've got it, they've got the magic, they've got the extra edge, they've got the bite and they don't sound like anyone but themselves. Fluid, crisp, warm, demanding and delivering that final payment, blasting out a certain positive consistency is a sea of negativity - a hot wired storm of energy and if they did borrow it off anyone else then the witnesses have all been taken out, Buzzkill are here to stay - nothing ever changes, everything does.... Fast punk rock rucks and broken glass and driving horns and urgent songs that leave an impression. Buzzkill taste of The Clash and Blaggers ITA and Supersuckers, mostly they taste of Buzzkill, oh yes, you need this one.


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