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   - Dust Ghosts CD (iatde029)
The Wireless Stores - Dust Ghosts
1. 43 Pence Worth Of Luck
2. Hello Poisons
3. Unlikely Cavalry
4. Scissors As Fingers
5. Las Vegas Days
6. Chewing Gum Stars
7. We Rattle
8. Casino Eyes
9. Not Going, Gone
10. Super8veneer
11. The Dust Ghosts
12. 5 Extra Acoustic Tracks + Video on Multi Media Part Of CD
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Barcode - 5024545405224

Long awaited amazing full length by the extremely classy The Wireless Stores 11 tracks of extremely well written driving rock from ex-members/members of Bivouac (Alternative Tenticles, Geffen Records), Send More Paramedics, My War & And None Of Them Knew They Were Robots.

Dust Ghosts is the follow up to The Wireless Stores very well recieved debut Historic Sites of Scenic Beauty #1 MCD, but Dust Ghosts sees The Wireless Stores family grow with addition of Duncan Hall on second guitar and Ben Kumar on keyboards, believe me live the sound now is unbelieveable. This CD will blow you away.

On the Multi-Media part of the Cd (needs to be put in the computer) there is five extra acoustic tracks;

43 Pence Worth Of Luck
Las Vegas Days
Speed Of Sound

And one extra acoustic track you'll have to find in the dots (you'll see what I mean). There is also a video for a track title 'You Came Home' (See video to the right).
The Wireless Stores Band Page

Rocksound 8/10
The Wireless Stores a kind of In At The Deep End superband that sounds nothing like an In At The Deep End superband first grabbed Rock Sound's attention a few years back with the release of their 'Historic Sites Of Scenic Beauty' EP. Thankfully they've lost none of that affecting quality on this completely non-revolutionary but nonetheless brilliantly written album. Frontman Paul Yeadon is a production lynchpin at the Moot Group, principle recording facility for IATDE, and the band also number among their ranks zombie chap Duncan Hall of Send More Paramedics. But apparently when he's not eating brains, Dunc likes nothing better than to forget all that thrash nonsense and instead knock out sweet melodic rock songs that are unrepentantly reminiscent of early Foo Fighters and Husker Du in equal measure. That they're not reinventing the wheel is perfectly forgivable as the quality of songs such as 'Hello Poisons' is consistent and considered. The band themselves coin it as being an album of 'drunken introspection', but while that despairing feeling of alcohol mixed with self-pity and depression is caught in the bittersweet lyrics and melodies, if this is indeed 'booze-addled', then the hard stuff obviously doesn't hit Yeadon and co as bad as it does a hungover Rock Sound. Endearing, engaging, enduring, exemplary. If you're sick of trite feckless nonsense, The Wireless Stores may well be a suitable remedy.

Kerrang KKKK
Nottingham Quintet Are A Bit Smart On Full Length Debut. Fronted by Paul Yeadon of alt-rock nearly men Bivouac. The Wireless Stores are so sharp they might cut themselves. They spin out wry tales of everyday life, from the superstition shattering opener '43 Pence Worth Of Luck' to the country-tinged 'Chewing Gum Stars', with its view of life from beneath a bar table. But 'Dust Ghosts' is about much more than revelling in a cleverness that fans of lyrical manipulation will adore. Musically, WS peddle dusty, harmonic Americana that belies their hometown. Gentle, subtle and far from aggressive, this is music for cold beers on hot days, watching the world go by and finding humour in the weird way it works.

Big Cheese 4/5
I remember seeing The Wireless Stores supporting The Weakerthans and Brandtson a few years back and being somewhat underwhelmed although that could've been because of whom they were playing with. But now they've really grown into a rock act that us Brits could be proud of especially if you like the earnest heart-on-sleeve rock of the aforementioned acts. From the bittersweet pop-rock of '43 Pence Worth of Luck' to the outstanding, strident Brit-rocking 'Las Vegas Days' TWS don't put a foot wrong. This comes packed with a handful of MP3s and a music video, making it a nicely rounded package.


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