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   - Input The Output CD (iatde038)
1000 Hertz - Input The Output
1. Give Me An Amen!!
2. Wake Up Call
3. A Grave Fit, Made And Dug For A Nation
4. Protect The Fall
5. Immobilised
6. System Fail
7. Hello I Have No Hope
8. Down And Out
9. Fallen Ground
10. One To Many
11. Silence Means Everything
12. Static Believer
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Barcode - 5024545469127

Amazing debut twelve track album from this Milton Keynes four piece. Every track on this album hits you in the face with it's energy and undeniable catchiness. Like an adrenaline shot to the heart 1000 Hertz will rock your world.

1000 Hertz are a mixture of fast thrashy hardcore and the more aggressive side of R'N'R punk. The singer has got a perfect scream for the type of music they are playing and can also pull of some anthematic punky choruses. The balance of hardcore and punk is blended perfectly. 1000 Hertz debut album Input The Output opens up with 'Give Me An Amen!!' and what an opening to the album; the song is fast, raw, aggressive, in your face hardcore punk rock from start to finish and vocalist John's vocals feel as strong and deadly as a punch in the face from Ricky Hatton.

'Wake Up Call' is a short song clocking in at just under 2 minutes but the band achieve so much in that time and the forever changing vocals really help the song stand out making it one of my favourite songs on the album. 'Systems Fail' is another stand out song mainly due to the forever changing vocals again and the fact that so much is going on throughout the song and the solo drumming outro.

The whole album is outstanding and played at 100 mile's per hour with maximum effort and attitude and the good thing is that the band have managed to make each and every song sound so much different to the last whilst keeping the extreme heaviness. 'Input The Output' is the kind of album that makes you want to bounce off the walls and smash things up due to the brutalness of it.
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Kerrang KKKK
1000 HERTZ aren't pissing about. The blast of tumbling drums, juddering guitars and screamed vocals that open their debut album are a gutteral call to arms, a violent and brutal explosion of punk vitriol and hardcore catharsis. It's something they maintain, with impressive fury, for the rest of the album - lyrics spat as if in a back alley fight, guitars raging. It's anger directed at their circumstances, at their suburban lives and the malcontent with which they view them. But such is the bile here, that it's a relief when the occasional burst of melody is slipped into their outbursts, a brief velvet glove in which to sheathe their iron fist.

Rocksound 8/10
The problem with the success of a band like gallows is the shower of faux-punk shit that will inevitably follow. 1000 Hertz though, while quite blatantly ploughing the same angry-faced furrow, deliver a shot of venom that sounds as genuine as it does deadly. Blessed with attitude, spirit , some of the spikiest guitars a UK band has ever mustered up, and a frontman who clearly doesn't care for his vocal cords, 1KHZ still look set to bash the punk scene square in the face. Good Stuff.

Big Cheese 4/5
Proud, new, uncompromising hardcore. This is a truly shredding hardcore debut album, in which 1000 Hertz more than deliver the goods. Smart lyrics, a fuck you attitude, ground shaking tunes and John's gargling-with-bleach vocals make for a fearsome package, 1000 Hertz are here to make your ears bleed, and with recent success of the Gallows, their timing couldn't be better.

Mass Movement
Another one of those bands here that are starting to make waves in the hardcore scene and come at you from the label that brought you great past releases from the likes of Send More Paramedics, Gallows, Errander, Sanzen, Shaped By Fate etc. I have heard a lot of people say negative stuff like they are sounding too much like the Gallows and are trying to ride their coat tails. To that I say go and die because where I do see the similarity to the Gallows they have their own style and sound that sets them apart from the Gallows and to be fair there is a lot of music in what is called the 'hardcore' scene today that is talentless, watered down, generic and safety music to be fair that gets overlooked at how boring it is but this is not like that and is not boring by any means. The first track 'Give Me An Amen!' hits you square between the eyes and continues to bombard your ears to bleeding death until it?s end. This along with tracks like Wake Up Call and Down And Out sounded a lot like Gallows meeting The Bronx and Ghost Of A Thousand in a dark alley on a fresh moonlit evening for a bare knuckle last man standing brawl for all. That is not all that you get as there are tracks that have elements that sound like Anti Flag and Snuff meeting Compulsion (now that's a name from quite a few years ago) with a huge catchy rock and roll hit to it along with some great traditional punk feel moments to it. In fact I don't think these can be lumped into the new hardcore bracket as there are hints to many different genres that would make them sit uneasy in most pigeon holes and to me that's a good thing. I think these will end up going far and good luck to them I say.


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